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Children's Books for National Adoption Month

Post Date:11/01/2018

Bauer, M.D. A mama for Owen. c2007. When the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami separates a young African hippopotamus from his mother, he finds a new family in Mzee the giant tortoise. Based on a true story. E BAUER, M.

Cordell, M. Wish. c2016. When an elephant couple decides it is time to have a child, unexpected challenges arise but, at last, the pair's deepest wish comes true. E CORDELL, M.

Curtis, J.L. Tell me again about the night I was born. c1996. A young girl asks her parents to tell her again the cherished family story of her birth and adoption. E CURTIS, J.

Dyckman, A. Wolfie the bunny. c2015. When her parents find a baby wolf on their doorstep and decide to raise him as their own, Dot is certain he will eat them all up until a surprising encounter with a bear brings them closer together. E DYCKMAN, A.

Friedman, D. Star of the week. c2009. As her turn to be "Star of the Week" in her kindergarten class approaches, Cassidy-Li puts together a poster with pictures of her family, friends, and pets, and wonders about her birthparents in China. E FRIEDMAN, D.

Galindo, A. My new mom and me. c2016. A puppy comes to live with his adoptive mother, who is a cat. E GALINDO, R.

Gray, K. Our Twitchy. c2003. A little bunny named Twitchy discovers that there's something special about his family: he was adopted by a cow and a horse. E GRAY, K.

Karst, P. The Invisible String. c2000. When Liza and Jeremy run to their mother during a scary storm, she comforts them by telling them about the Invisible String, which connects people who love each other no matter where they are and means that they are never alone. E KARST, P.

Kasza, K. A mother for Choco. c1992. A lonely little bird named Choco goes in search of a mother. E KASZA, K.

Keith, D. I love you all the same. c2014. Three bear cubs learn that even though they are very different, Mama and Papa love them all the same. BOARD KEITH, D.

Lears, L. Megan’s birthday tree. c2005. Every year on Megan's birthday, her birth mother Kendra sends a picture of the tree she planted the day Megan was born, so when Kendra decides to get married and move to a new house, Megan worries that she will be forgotten. E LEARS, L.

Mora, P. Pablo’s tree. c1994. Each year on his birthday, a young Mexican American boy looks forward to seeing how his grandfather has decorated the tree he planted on the day the boy was adopted. E MORA, P.

Nemiroff, M. A. All about adoption : how families are made & how kids feel about it. c2004 Using simple language, describes the stages of the adoption process and discusses complex feelings commonly felt by adopted children. 362.734 N344A 2004

Newman, L. Heather has two mommies. c1989. When Heather goes to playgroup, at first she feels bad because she has two mothers and no father, but then she learns that there are lots of different kinds of families and the most important thing is that all the people love each other. 306.7663 N465

Parr, T. We belong together: a book about adoption and families. c2007. The joy of adoption and bringing families together is presented in this tale. E PARR, T.

Pellegrini, N. Families are different. c1991. An adopted Korean girl discovers that her classmates have different types of families. E PELLIGRINI, N.

Penn, A. The kissing hand. c1993. When Chester the raccoon is reluctant to go to kindergarten for the first time, his mother teaches him a secret way to carry her love with him. E PENN, A.

Sansone, A. The little green goose. c2010. Mr. Goose finds an abandoned egg, hatches it, and raises a peculiar green-skinned long-tailed chick, who worries about his identity but comes to recognize that he has a loving parent. E SANSONE, A.

Richmond, M. I wished for you. c2008. A little bear named Barley and his Mama curl up in their favorite spot and talk about how they became a family. Barley asks Mama the kinds of questions many adopted children have, and Mama lovingly answers them all. E RICHMOND, M.

Rogers, F. Let's talk about it: adoption. c1994. Mr. Rogers discusses what it means to be part of a family and examines some feelings that adopted children may have. D362.734 R632A

Rotner, S. I’m adopted! c2011. Simple text and ample pictures describe the what adoption is and how it works. 362.734 R746M 2011

Yoon, S. Penguin and Pinecone. c2012. Penguin and Pinecone form an unlikely friendship, even when they must live far apart. E YOON, S.


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