Welcome to the Mesa Public Library's
Computer Mouse and Keyboard Tutorial

Mesa Public Library

Here's how to begin using the mouse:

  1. Rest the heel of your hand on the table in front of the mouse.

  2. Place your thumb on one side and your ring and little finger on the other side.

  3. Use those fingers and your thumb to move the mouse around on the mouse pad.

  4. Move the mouse until the cursor is positioned on the underlined number one below.



  1. When the cursor changes to a pointing hand, hold the mouse very still and lightly press or "click" the left mouse button with your index finger.

  2. If the screen does not change to the next page, then your "click" was not successful.  Try again to hold the mouse very still and then click on the underlined number one above.

  • This tutorial is best displayed when using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or better with a screen resolution set at 800 x 600.
  • The design of this tutorial was inspired by the "Mousercise" tutorial created by Chris Rippel of the Central Kansas Library System.